“Health and Fitness hand in hand with Ayurveda”

Herbal Medicine
Dr Haseena Firoz BAMS, INFS Expert believes in simple lifestyle for a healthy living. Her vision of authentic Ayurveda along with quantified nutrition, exercise and Yoga delivered with a modern touch help you transform not only physically but also mentally. With her knowledge in quantified nutrition, exercises under the proper guidance of traditional Ayurveda, you are sure to reach your health and fitness goals in no time. An expert in women health and lifestyle disorder management, she is changing the way people look at health. With many successes to her credit, she has transformed the day to day lives of many patients. Her philanthropic interest leads her to start ‘AYURHEAL’ with a spectacular vision of providing “HEALTH AND FITNESS HAND IN HAND WITH AYURVEDA”.
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Obesity Management

Obesity management by quantified nutrition and exercise depending upon your prakrti and help you reach your goals by correcting lifestyle disorders through Ayurvedic medicines.

Pregnant Woman

Gynaecological Problems

Treatments for gynaecological problems like PCOD, menstrual problems, infertility and obesity.


Skin Care

Treatments of different skin ailments and provides organic home-made face packs and hair serums to include in your daily skin and hair care routine to safeguard the beauty of your skin and hair.

Facial Treatment

Child Health

Child health care. Helps them in combating ADHD/Learning disabilities.

Teacher and Student
Alternative Medicine


Treatments for spine, bone, joint, neurological disorders, arthritis etc.

Mental Health

Treatments for improving mental conditions by de stressing yoga and meditations, counselling and medications if needed.


Ayurvedic care and medications for helping you to go through a safe pregnancy phase which help you to deliver a healthy baby through a normal delivery.

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Post Pregnancy

Post Pregnancy Weight Management Programme: helps you with medications for regaining your health after labour and helps you to manage your weight healthily without compromising the health of the new-born.

Mother and Child


Rejuvenation therapies to improve your libido and valour.

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 All Natural &

Non Toxic Skincare

Ayurheal is an endeavour to bring the wisdom and effectiveness of traditional Ayurveda for the health problems of modern-day. With authentic treatments for lifestyle disorders, gynae, bone spine and joint disorders, neuro complaints, child behavioural and learning disabilities, child obesity, de-stressing and mind-calming therapies and counselling, common skin and hair problems- you can enjoy the benefits of traditional medicine with the convenience of modern comforts like QUANTIFIED NUTRITION, EXERCISES AND YOGA.